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photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

photo: Malcolm Smith Photography


EQUALUX - TASTE of GSBA 2019 will take place on November 23rd at the Seattle Westin Hotel in downtown Seattle.

GSBA’s annual fundraising dinner and auction that brings together the Puget Sound's LGBTQ & Allied community for an evening to raise money for the education of LGBTQ and Allied Students.   

Volunteering is an excellent way to attend the event at no cost and with over 1,000 people attending this year, we have volunteer opportunities for everyone.  



  • Setup Support - help finalize setup of silent auction sections, place signage, place programs/flowers/table tops

  • Volunteer Check-in - welcome and check-in volunteers as they arrive, provide documents about role (from GSBA), connect with staff role lead

  • Caterer Support - assist caterers as they arrive, help them find their location in reception area, get ice periodically for caterers

  • Winery Liaison - MUST BE 21+, help with load-in for wineries, replenish wine supply throughout the evening, provide ice to wineries

  • Greeter - welcoming and directing guests to check-in and reception

  • Bid Spotter - pay careful attention to audience and excitedly point out with your pom poms/light sticks to bidders with bid cards raised!

  • Bid Assistant - during silent auction: help guests enter their bids or donations in various rooms consolidate items after auction closes

  • Bid Helper - during silent auction: floating and assisting guests with questions, help guests locate Bid Assistant, consolidate items after auction closes

  • Inventory Organizer - organize items by bid number along shelves in check out room

  • Check-out Runner - watch as an item is sold and run to recorder for bid sheet, bring bid sheet to winning bidder, congratulate winners

  • Checkout Assistant - retrieve items from the shelves, verify items, hand off items to guests, assist with moving items to cars

  • Clean Up - pack up & move unclaimed auction items to storage, collect collateral from ballroom, assist in packing up after the event

Ready to sign up to volunteer? Positions go fast, sign up today by mailto:torayam@thegsba.org


Code of Conduct

As a volunteer at the event, you are representing GSBA and we ask that you do so in a responsible and respectful manner.  You are welcome to participate in the silent auction, sample the food from the caterers and enjoy the entertainment as long as it does not interfere with your assigned responsibilities. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or other substances that affect your cognition is not allowed by volunteers during your work shift. 

Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography

Photo: Malcolm Smith Photography


Certain volunteer groups are required to attend an orientation and training on November 16th. Other groups will receive training the day of the event, please check in with your team lead to find our when your required training will occur. It is important to attend this orientation as you will be briefed on multiple aspects of the event including times and locations of events as well as basic logistical questions such as the location of bathrooms.  It is important that our volunteers be able to provide excellent customer service to the event's guests, staff and each other. Our ultimate goal is to have a successful event and we accomplish that by supporting each other and being part of the team. 

Dress Code

The evening's dress code is "Creative Black Tie", many people dress to impress and we ask that our volunteers do the same or dress in all black.  Be sure to wear comfortable shoes, most positions require you to be on your feet for extended periods of time. 


Your participation is crucial to the success of the event. If unforeseen circumstances should occur and you need to drop your volunteer shift or arrive later than the expected time, please inform us as soon as possible so that we can find a replacement. 


The hotel has a special rate for our group however there are many low cost parking options within a block from the hotel. 


Volunteer meals will be provided in two separate seating's, your volunteer lead will let you know when and where. 


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